By: appjetty | December 15, 2017

“User Experience.” The one and only word that drives online businesses around. Provide a mediocre user experience and the visitors will never visit your store again! Convenience while making online purchase is what online shoppers look out for today. And ecommerce store owners always strive to provide that. They do this by creating their websites on Magento - one of the most popular platforms that drive the ecommerce stores on the world wide web.

Unfortunately, Magento does not provide the features and functionalities that are exclusive to one’s business. And problem also persists for the ecommerce business owners who have migrated from Magento 1 to 2. To ward off these problems you need to integrate Magento 2 extensions to your Magento 2 store. These extensions offer a better shipping process, let your customers track orders, enable you to shop by brands and do much more!

Given below is a list of AppJetty’s Magento 2 Extensions that will make a huge difference to your business:

1. Language Translator

“Hola!” “Bonjour” and “Hello” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could wish your customers in the language they prefer? Guess what, using Magento 2 Language Translator, you can do that. Communicate in the local language and make sure that your customers feel connected to your store. Using this extension, you can translate selected content and enable mass translations on your store.

Here are some of its features:
  • Effortlessly builds your multilingual website
  • Allows to perform bulk translation
  • Set CMS page content and Meta keywords in multiple language
  • Translate store reviews and product descriptions to desired language
  • Search strings and translate them to any language
  • Easy to use interface
You just need to integrate the extension of your store and start translating. Easy as a breeze. Isn’t it?

2. Australia Post Shipping

A perfect addition for the Australian Ecommerce Store owners who deal with daily shipping blues. Australia Post Shipping for Magento 2 plugin enables retailers to integrate the functionalities of Australia Post Shipping directly with their store. This means, the online shoppers do not have to visit the official Australia Post website to know about the shipping charges.

Here is a sneak peek into some of its features:
  • Fetches live rates from Australia Post’s website
  • Offers additional services like satchel and eParcel matrix
  • Fully customizable
  • Provides Australian Shipping rates (Destination wise)
  • Set original obtained rates or to customize
  • Friendly user interface
Australian retailers can now offer a trouble less shipping to domestic and global destination. Help your customers get over their shipping blues!

3. MageMob Inventory

Multi store locations, huge inventories and accelerating customer demands during holidays can make the ecommerce store owners cringe! They need a tool that can help them manage their inventory and update its status whenever they want. MageMob Inventory for Magento 2 has several features that can help you digitize your business processes. Here are some of them:
  • Stock Management
  • Multi Warehouse Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Real Time Tracking through Inventory logs and graphs
MageMob supports both IOS and Android devices. Ecommerce Store Owners belonging to any business verticals can make the most out of it.

4. StarTrack Shipping

Yet another shipping extension for Australian Ecommerce Store owners! StarTrack Shipping for Magento 2 fetches live shipping rates from StarTrack websites. Which means, merchants do not need to worry about updating the rates or revising them if/when they change on the official website. This brings in a lot of convenience for the customers who are planning to for shipping services from StarTrack.

Here is what the extension offers:
  • Choose the title of your shipping method
  • Options to add goods, service tax & other surcharges
  • Create custom attributes for product dimensions
  • Customize your requirements
5. Easy Site Maintenance

Website maintenance is a regular affair. And it is must if you want your website to work without any glitches. But while you are revamping it; you wouldn’t want your customers to leave your website. For the obvious reason that you wouldn’t want to incur losses in business. Easy Site Maintenance for Magento 2 comes to your rescue in such instances. Through this extension, you can put your store under maintenance mode with different configuration options.

Here is what this extension renders:
  • Customizable maintenance page with your company logo
  • Maintenance mode visitor tracker with the help of log file
  • Receive urgent inquiries through “Contact Us” form
  • Countdown timer displaying when the site will go live
  • Selected store view under maintenance mode
Do not let website maintenance drive your customers away! Keep them happy, keep them loyal!

6. MageMob Admin

Store Administration inconsistencies can put you in a fix. And you certainly do not want things to go haywire during holidays when the traffic is at its peak. MageMob Admin for Magento 2 can help you drive away the store administration uncertainties. In fact, it lets you handle the administration on the go from the backend of your mobile. Irrespective of where you are.

Here is a glimpse to some of its features:
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Multiple Store Support
  • Duration Specific Report
  • Customer Interaction facility
  • Product Management
  • Report Creation
Magento 2 store admin mobile app provides with the live synchronization feature, which is one of its greatest benefits. This means you do not have to worry about Magento 2 store and mobile app separately.

7. Advance Shop by Brand

Customers are brand conscious. Be it clothes, jewelry, or gadgets, they tend to buy the brand they have used for years. And they prefer to search the ecommerce store for their favorite brands quite often. If you have are an ecommerce store owner selling different brands; you must enable your customers to search for the products they want brand wise. Advance Shop by Brand for Magento 2 helps you do that.

Here is what you can do with Advance Shop by Brand Extension:
  • Filter Products Brand wise
  • Add Brand Menu to Frontend
  • Show Brand Logos
  • Display Selected Brands in “Featured” Category
  • Prioritize the Brands
Make sure that searching for brands does not become a time-consuming job for your customers. Provide them with their favorite brands with the search option easily.

8. Delivery Date Scheduler

This Magento 2 Extension is a boon for Ecommerce Store Owners whose customers hate anticipating for their ordered products. Delivery Date Scheduler for Magento 2 helps you take uncertainties out of the Order Delivery Process. Once you integrate this extension at the backend of your store, you can provide your customers with the date and time options on which your customers want their deliveries.
  • Some of the features of this extension are:
  • Choose Available Dates and Display
  • Calendar View and Format of Arrival Date
  • Provide the Time span between Order & Delivery
  • Keep a Check on Current Order Deliveries
Delivery Date Scheduler works wonders for M2 Ecommerce Store owners who want to retain their customer base and make better sales!

9. Track Order

After placing the order, customers can hardly wait for their courier to arrive. They want to know whether their product is still in the warehouse or has left for shipping. And if it has left for shipping; what are its whereabouts. Track Order for Magento 2 enables your customers to know the status of their order by providing them with the shipment tracking link with order number and email address.

Here are some of the functionalities that the extension offers:
  • Let Customers Know their Order Status
  • Provide them with Shipment Tracking Link
  • Real time Tracking for customers
  • Decide the Widget Location
  • Track Order Link in Shipment Email
Empower your customers with Track Order extension and help them know where the ordered product has reached.

10. Advance Product Designer

The idea of buying mundane, known, and available gifts is a passé. Be it a card, a t-shirt, or a pen drive; people love to give a personalized touch to their gifts. If you really want to make a difference to the ways in which you sell products on your ecommerce store; Advance Product Designer can be a holy grail for you. Integrate this Magento 2 based tool to the backend of your store and enable your customers to create customized design on the product of their choice.

Offer them with the following functionalities:
  • Interactive Brush Tool
  • Object Positioning
  • Designer Text Styles
  • Name & Number Options
  • Print Using Multiple Methods
  • SVG Support

This is the bestselling tool and offers multiple functionalities for your Magento 2 Ecommerce Store!

AppJetty’s Magento Extensions have been providing a lot of value to the ecommerce store owners all over the world. Adorn your store with these extensions and witness how they make a difference to your business.

Are you currently using any Magento 2 extensions? What was your experience like? Do share with us.

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